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Online journal devoted to (un)popular culture's murkier regions. Began as Grim Humour magazine in 1983 and lasted eighteen editions until 1993. Took a break until 2000 when it was relaunched as Adverse Effect magazine (which continued with the old numbering system). Four editions published until 2005, then compromised into being available via the internet, where a barely maintained website exists. Grim Humour itself is presently slowly evolving into a book dedicated to various highlights and low points from the magazine, whilst two record labels, Fourth Dimension and Lumberton Trading Company, hover very closely like needy cousins. Send review material to: ul. Krolowej Jadwigi 133/5 30-212 Krakow Poland

Sunday, January 10, 2010


As an aside to the last update, I want it to be known that this Adverse Effect blogspot will definitely cease during the next few months. Meanwhile, simply check in on its now being housed at the new Fourth Dimension Records website and, if so inclined, look out for other updates, news and pontifications on my personal blog, which you should see a link to on the page here.



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