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Online journal devoted to (un)popular culture's murkier regions. Began as Grim Humour magazine in 1983 and lasted eighteen editions until 1993. Took a break until 2000 when it was relaunched as Adverse Effect magazine (which continued with the old numbering system). Four editions published until 2005, then compromised into being available via the internet, where a barely maintained website exists. Grim Humour itself is presently slowly evolving into a book dedicated to various highlights and low points from the magazine, whilst two record labels, Fourth Dimension and Lumberton Trading Company, hover very closely like needy cousins. Send review material to: ul. Krolowej Jadwigi 133/5 30-212 Krakow Poland

Monday, January 19, 2009

Editorial no.1.: The Rise of Because...

There are many reasons why I have succumbed to the idea of launching this Adverse Effect blog but, chiefly, it boils down to the fact it is so much easier to maintain than the website (which has always been dependent on the assistance of others) and, indeed, affords me the opportunity to fully control it and upload material whenever I want. This freedom is something I simply don't get with the website. And, indeed, whilst the website will continue to be updated with various reviews, interviews and suchlike as and when those whose hands I depend upon for such matters can actually tend to them, I have long felt that posting the material here in the interim will at least satiate my overwhelming desire to handle it whilst relatively fresh.

Of course, I want to encourage others to continue assisting me, too. My efforts in the publishing world always relied on the notion of people getting involved, in order to help provide a broader insight towards whatever may or may not be going on in either (un)popular culture's recesses or even occasional bubbles to the surface and not just amount to reflecting my own often conflicting and confounding interests, even if I did always try and maintain a sense of 'quality control' along the way. As such, unlike my personal space here at blogger, Adverse Effect is here to welcome contributions by you, although I would urge you to contact me to discuss ideas beforehand rather than just solicit material in the vain hope I'll go ahead and use it. To this effect, I would like more interviews and reviews, as well as articles or pieces dedicated to those areas of interest which may dovetail with everything else accordingly. Additionally, I can send review material occasionally, too.

Essentially, I want Adverse Effect to maintain its place as a meeting point or juncture where the similarly-minded can interact. In this respect, it does not matter whether it exists as a properly published magazine (still my personal favourite medium for this, but the budget simply isn't there anymore for this) or via a website or here.

If you are unfamiliar with the past ground stalked by Adverse Effect or, indeed, its former guise as Grim Humour, I'd urge you to at least visit the website to help. Although generally music-orientated, plenty of other material dedicated to film directors, writers, artists and so on was always welcome, and included.

Material by myself will be posted here very shortly. In the meantime, however, please feel free to email me directly via the address in my personal blogspot if you want to get involved or have any suggestions. Feedback of all kinds has always been a motivating force...

Richo x

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